eCommerce Policies

Selling Sagebrook Home Online

Do you qualify as an eCommerce buyer?

  • We require you to have a complete functioning website with existing traffic. Your website must already feature similar home decor products and accessories. If you are still in process of creating your website or your website recently launched, please reach out to us again in 3-6 months when your website has developed traffic.

  • We do not allow sales on 3rd Party Marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, Overstock, Walmart, etc) with the Sagebrook Home Brand Name. Sagebrook Home branded products can only be sold on your website/domain.

  • We do allow white label, where you sell and market our products under your own Brand Name. If you decide to white label our products, you may sell the products on any site with your own UPC codes.

  • For dropship orders, all shipping charges will be billed to your UPS/FedEx shipping account. Currently, we only ship within the US. If you are approved for dropship, you will be required to fill out an application and credit card authorization form.

  • We do have MAP pricing on some of our products.

If you believe you meet these requirements, please email to begin your application.